Sunday, January 6, 2013

My personal travel checklist

This list is for city travel, meaning that no outdoor activities will be involved. Typically these are things you would need if you go to a conference or business meeting.

  • Passport - make sure it is valid for 6 more month.
  • Passport copies, digital and printed in case passport is lost.
  • Invitation documents and VISA.
  • Reservations and travel tickets and  - hotel, planes, buses, trains, car reservations, ferries etc.
  • Destination addresses and phone numbers of persons you are going to visit, location maps.
  • Credit cards - make sure your credit limit will not be exceeded.
  • Local currency and money of the county you travel to.
  • Presentations and documents of the travel purpose. USB and backup in the email.
  • Medical insurance documents or cards, personal vaccination pass.
  • Your private medicine – cold sore cream (against Herpes virus) etc.
  • Business cards.
  • A small (inflatable) pillow for sleeping in the plane, train, bus, etc.
  • I always take my swimming suit for pool or spa.
  • Slippers for use in a shower and indoors.
  • Ear plugs for sleeping in noisy environments.
  • Foldable swiss knife with integrated wine opener, spoon and fork.
  • Paper towels for a nose.
  • Wake-up clock (mobile phone usually works fine).
  • An umbrella, mosquito net.
  • Hygiene - perfumes, toothpaste/toothbrush, shaving blades, shower gel (soap, shampoo), towels, protective sun cream,  lip balm like Blistex or similar (especially for skiing), nail scissors or cutter.
  • Contact lenses, storing liquid and glasses.
  • Laptop and cell phone - update GPS maps, make sure the roaming is activated.
  • Photo/video camera with USB transfer cables, memory cards and external backup disks.
  • Chargers (net, auto, USB/emergency) for laptop, cell phone, photo/video camera.
  • Country specific wall plug and charger adapters.

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