Sunday, January 6, 2013

The best product to heal cold sores – Zovirax Denavir Vectavir Aciclovir Penciclovir?

Everytime I travel to hot countries I get cold sores. Probably because I get tired, long plane trips, stress, dry climate almost always makes herpes virus to flourish on my lips. Sometimes, these nasty things show up when I catch cold.

In our local pharmacy there are only two alternatives to cure cold sores: Zovirax and Denavir (Vectavir). The only question is which one is better? Which heals faster and is safer to use?

An active/healing ingredient (antiviral drug) of Zovirax is so called aciclovir or acyclovir. Zovirax contains 5% of this material, which has a lifetime of approximately 3 hours, therefore that is why one needs to apply the cream on the blister very often.

An active/healing material (antiviral drug) in Denavir (Vectavir) is Penciclovir. Denavir (Vectavir) contains only 1% of the Penciclovir and it is claimed that it has a longer lifetime, therefore, it can be applied to the blister less often as Zovirax.

Lately, I was traveling through Germany and had bought “Fenistil” (brand name) herpes cream. It contains 10mg/g of “Penciclovir” component. It healed my lip herpes flawlessly.

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