Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to make a cute paper rose for a girl

Simple and cute paper rose or flower will guarantee the attention of any girl in any place. Especially in the bar, to get the attention of a girl all you need to do it to make a flower and ask waitress to add it to the drink or desert that you have ordered for the girl.

There are many ways to make paper flower. This cute paper flower is a rose blossom. It requires scissors and thick/hard paper. Here below the most simple and my favorite full rose with stem and blossom is shown. It’sthe flower of my preference, since it looks good, any paper can be used to make it.

An original idea is to use the aluminum foil of sweets, which girls like so much.  I love Ferrero Rocher chocolate sweet. Make a surprise from it’s foil, a small cute rose.

For a time limited occasions, it could be useful to make very simple small origami full flower. No special requirements are necessary.

The following different three types of paper flowers (tulip, lily, and lotus flowers) can be combined together into the bouquet and made as a surprise for a group of woman.

First one is origami tulip blossom, stem has to be made separately. Its simple and nice, no requirements.
Second flower is cute origami lily and stem. It requires glue.
And the third is simple origami lotus flower. It is only blossom, stem has to be made separately, no other special requirements.

Below videos show how to make an origami paper flowers/roses.

Some are symmetric, complex, difficult to make, but worth the effort.
Same origami rose blossom, but made from soft kitchen towel paper.

And here are several paper flower with can be used to decorate the home or special event.
Flowers with more requirements, yet another origami tulip blossom and stem, very simple, requires nice paper color and glue.
Rose blossom, requires different color papes, any rope, wire or scotch tape to bundle the flower leaves.

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